Preventive Maintenance, Service, & Spare Parts






Responding with urgency to customer needs is a source of pride at Eckhart. We recognize the environment you live in each day is filled with unknowns and variables that are out of your control. Whether you need a part or a person in the middle of the night or on a holiday weekend, our team stands ready to support you. We send dependable technicians to ensure the support and responsiveness you receive from Eckhart is exceptional.

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As one of less than thirty FANUC Certified Servicing Integrators in the United States, we provide industry leading service and support to an installed base that exceeds 500 robotic systems. Whether or not our team originally installed the system, we proudly offer our

Premium Reconditioning Service Package:  



Complete robot evaluation & system backup

Preventive maintenance testing

Pre-grease inspection

Detailed status report & quote

Upon decision to move forward:

Perform maintenance & repairs

Replace grease and oil for all axis

Replace batteries & controller

Post grease inspection

Documentation of any failures

Clean & re-paint

Run final system testing

Run final buy-off online or offline 


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