Robotics & Flexible Automation

Automate manufacturing processes and eliminate waste on your line with advanced robotic solutions.

Whatever the complexity. Whatever the challenge. Whatever the space. Eckhart is the one stop source for design, build, programming, and support of advanced robotic solutions for Industry 4.0. We analyze every production part and process. We dimension your exact space. And then, we design a seamless solution around your specifications, space, and processes.

Beyond robots, our expert team designs, manufactures and integrates a complete solution suite that surrounds your robot or automated piece of equipment. These solutions include AGVs, conveyors, lift assists and secure tooling, fixtures, and material handling racks for any manufacturing application.

3M™ Automated Taping System (ATS)

3M - Science. Applied to Life.
Eckhart is proud to partner with 3M to offer the Automated Taping System (ATS) for 3M™ Attachment Tape. The ATS is a flexible industrial solution to apply adhesion promoter, lay 3M™ Attachment Tape on any part or surface, and create both die-cut pieces and extended liner tabs.

End-to-end Application Solution

  • Leverages both traditional and collaborative robotic technologies
  • Intended for 3M customers interested in introducing significant automation to their operation
  • Fully customizable and integrated globally by Eckhart

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3M™ Automated Taping System


As the leading collaborative robotic system integrator in North America, we have an established track record of successfully integrating collaborative robots into factory environments. Along with immediate safety, productivity, and product quality improvements, we help our customers capture the rapid payback with our collaborative robotic solutions.

Eckhart’s Flex-line collaborative robotic solutions are customized to your exact manufacturing environment and provide a cost optimal alternative to traditional robots. Various applications include inspection, detection, pick and place, and securing.


Enhance quality inspection anywhere on an existing build or inspection line to improve productivity and inspection accuracy. FlexCheck™ combines collaborative robots and advanced vision technology to bring the robot to the point of inspection, eliminating the variability of a fixed position vision system.

Our most advanced FlexCheck™ system is integrated with an AGV to provide fully autonomous vision inspection.

Custom Quality Inspection

  • Up to 20 unique inspection points in 30 seconds
  • Safe operation within a small footprint among operators
  • Automatically generate and store data for traceability and to inform timely root cause corrective action (RCCA) efforts
FlexCheck using the UR10
FlexCheck using the Fanuc CR-35


Move parts from point-A to point-B with ease and precision – whether small or large, regular or peculiar geometries.

Custom Pick and Place Functions
Payloads: 7 lbs (3 kg) – 77 lbs (35 kg)
Range of Motion: Up to 1800mm (dependent on model)
Range of Speeds: Up to 500 mm/sec (without safety devices)
Up to 1000 mm/sec (with added safety devices)
End of Arm Tooling (EOT)
Pneumatic / Electric Gripper
Vacuum Cups

Robot Gripper

Common Tooling Alternatives Eckhart-4038


Traditional Robot Gripper Eckhart-6330

Traditional Robot Gripper



3D Bin Picking from Unsorted Bins


Combining a robot, locating camera and detection wand, FlexDetect™ solutions manage production variation to bring reliable safety inspection to any manufacturing process.

Custom Imaging & Detection Functions

  • Guidance Alternatives
  • Gas Detection
  • Range of Robot Motion
  • Detection Speeds
Flex Detect - 2 Eckhart-6374


Flex Detect Eckhart-6375


Flex Detect Eckhart-6350



With a collaborative robot and torque device or a label applicator, FlexSecure™ solutions secure fasteners on any low torque application and labels on any surface.

Custom Imaging & Torque Functions

  • 2D or 3D Vision Guidance
  • Manual or Automated Feeding System
  • Fastening and Unfastening Applications
  • Motion Speeds
FlexSecure Eckhart-6399


FlexSecure - wideshot Eckhart-6394


FlexSecure Eckhart-6405



With six decades of experience integrating automated solutions into diverse industries all over the world, Eckhart can help accelerate your efforts to adopt automation based solutions that enhance life on your line. Our full suite of automated solutions is seamlessly integrated into automatic storage and retrieval systems, robotic cells, AGV/conveyor interface, conveyance systems, press lines, underground pits, and many other manufacturing environments.

AA u553-4 Tower QTR-INR SUB


AA 12276 Tower Nissan 3 STage Dial Table

3 Stage Dial Table

AA 4305_UMA KIA Bumper ST010


AA 4242_Honda Pilot Door Ring ST080

Door Ring



Assembly Automation
Assembly Automation 2
Automated Circuit Breaker Assembly


Upgrading your production line from hand torque to automated torque comes with more advantages than improving productivity. These PLC-driven devices improve quality and efficiency by error-proofing the sequence of torque and automating a time consuming, repetitive task.

Torque Automation Team Eckhart-4000

Torque Automation Team

Torque Automation wide shot Eckhart-3899

Torque Automation


These devices are programmed to follow an exact sequence of operations with minimal operator involvement. Our team designs around your specifications to deliver an automated lift assist solution to streamline your production.


Automated Lift Assist

Semi Automated Lift Assist Eckhart-6440

Semi-Automated Lift Assist


GridNav is a proprietary position system that brings highly precise tool and load movements to an assembly line. GridNav utilizes linear motors to navigate a two-dimensional plane with zero backlash, millimeter accuracy and confidence that cell movements will be completed perfectly every cycle.
Servo Grantry IMG_3655

Servo Gantry

Servo Gantry IMG_3672

Servo Gantry

Servo Gantry Eckhart-6271

Servo Gantry

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