Logistics OEM

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A major logistics OEM commissioned Eckhart FotF to help evaluate its assembly operations and recommend operational improvements. The logistics OEM requested Eckhart FotF assistance in conducting a deep-dive of its product design and assembly process to develop ideas for improving profitability and efficiency of its plant.

How We Helped:

The Eckhart FotF team worked closely with the logistic OEM to observe the daily production process and define the current assembly process. The Eckhart team completed a rigorous analysis of each work cell to define the standard work content, operator headcount requirements, and standard takt times. Eckhart FotF developed a new facility layout and re-balanced the work content across the line to ensure optimal headcount utilization and staffing needs. Eckhart defined all necessary tooling and specified the exact model of each identified tool per the logistics OEM procurement team’s provider of choice. As a part of the operational review, the Eckhart team documented a Plan for Every Part to define the motion of each line item on a standard assembly bill of materials to ensure an optimized facility layout with minimized non-value-added material or operator movements.


Eckhart FotF delivered a 3D simulation of the assembly plant throughput, a CAD model layout of its future operation, and a detailed report outlining the necessary investment requirements and expected payback for implementation. The logistics OEM now has a detailed understanding of how raw materials move through their facility and now has the data to make informed decisions on its future automation investments and headcount needs.