KUKA Automation for Woodworking Debuts in Multiple Booths at IWF

Eckhart looks forward to joining KUKA at the International Woodworking Fair, the premiere trade show and conference for woodworking.  IWF is the largest showcase of machinery, materials, supplies and services in North America for the woodworking and related industries.  IWF attracts manufacturers of furniture, doors, windows, mobile homes, builders & remodelers, and instruments alongside hundreds of exhibitors like KUKA and Eckhart.

Eckhart’s FlexFinish cell features a KUKA collaborative robot that automates a labor-intensive sanding process while also improving the finish quality of metal, wood and plastic products. Designed for increased production speed and consistency, the Robotic Solutions cell will simulate a door processing line that uses two KUKA robots working together without human intervention. In multiple show booths, AutomaTech will highlight a KUKA AGILUS robot along with a robotic cell for dowel management and one for CNC machine nesting unloading, all using KUKA robots.

Offered as either a standard or custom solution, Eckhart’ FlexFinish cell featured in booth A10710 consists of a KUKA 6-axis robot with an electric sanding end-of-arm tool that provides adjustable speed and automatic grit changing. The robot is mounted to a downdraft bench with filtration that catches debris and accommodates workpieces measuring up to 35” x 19”.

FlexFinish is simple to configure and program for changing part needs. The robot’s feed drive allows operators to effortlessly teach the robot path by physically moving the robot arm to program sanding patterns. For versatility and mobility, the cell is easily moved to different locations, and the bench can be separated from the robot to repurpose it for other applications.