Industry 4.0 Webcast with Creaform

Brad Kaiser from Creaform joins Brian Pesta on Eckhart’s Industry 4.0 Webcast Series. Brad gives us an inside look at the latest scanning & 3D measurement automation technology. We also walk through a simulation of a robotic inspection cell, featuring Eckhart AGV’s and Creaform’s MetraSCAN-R technology.



Brad Kaiser is the Sales Manager for Creaform’s Automated Quality Control deployments. Brad has worked in the Automation field for over a decade, specializing in the proper application of technologies to increase efficiencies and improve workflows in the manufacturing process. At Creaform, Brad guides customers through their discovery process to identify ways in which automation and 3D scanning technology can be leveraged to optimize their quality inspection procedures.


Creaform is a business unit of Ametek’s Ultra Precision Technologies group . It is a global company based near Quebec City, Canada, which designs and manufactures cutting edge portable 3D measurement and analysis technologies that increase productivity and profitability for their manufacturing customers. Creaform technologies help companies to seamlessly create, simulate, verify and collaborate in 3D.