Eckhart Industry 4.0 Podcast Series #4 – 3M Robotics

Robotic material removal is now simpler.   We’re finding that awareness of this corner of the automation world is low and that hand grinding a weldment remains one of the most dangerous and toughest jobs in a plant.  We’re out to change that with our friends at 3M and Kuka.


On this episode, I’m speaking with Scott Barnett, who leads the Applications Engineering team focused on robotics at 3M. Scott and I sat down at 3M’s CAM (Customer Abrasive Methods) Center to better understand how 3M is growing awareness around robotic material removal.   We also discuss an exciting new partnership between 3M and Kuka, featuring the new ready2_grind application package. More on how we’re working together can be found here and more on the ready2_grind package can be found here.

If you’re interested in exploring robotic material removal automation via ready2_grind, drop me an email at

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