Construction Equipment OEM

a row of scissor and boom lifts painted orange, yellow, blue, green, red, and white

The Problem:

Facing projected increases in market demand coupled with an aging workforce and dwindling labor supply, a major construction equipment manufacturer partnered with Eckhart FotF to develop a detailed 5-year plan for how they can meet their ambitious future production targets. The construction equipment company brought on the Eckhart team to assist with evaluating their operations to identify opportunities to improve throughput without adding manpower.

How We Helped:

Eckhart FotF completed an end-to-end operational review of the construction equipment company’s factory. Over a two-day visit, the Eckhart team met with the factory leadership team to align on evaluation criteria, completed a Hot Spot Scoring (Eckhart FotF’s data-driven approach to prioritizing areas for improvement within a factory), and led a kaizen event with operators to capture process requirements, constraints, and improvement initiatives to date. The Eckhart FotF team worked closely with company stakeholders to develop automation solutions and whiteboard initial concepts. After the workshop, the Eckhart FotF team developed a 5-year plan consisting of a measured approach to automation implementation. Eckhart FotF engineers translated the plan into a virtual future-factory simulation to validate all proposed solutions and test sensitivities in the construction equipment company’s future-state.


The construction equipment company used Eckhart’s FotF strategy to outline its budget for the next fiscal year and is currently in the first phase of implementation at its east-coast manufacturing plant.