Assembly & Weld Tooling

Creative assembly solutions that improve employee safety, productivity and product quality.

Core Tooling Solutions for GM T1 Truck Program

Eckhart leads the way in engineering creative solutions for ergonomic assembly tooling. That means assembly tooling that safely helps operators lift what they need to lift and reach where they need to reach. That means solutions that seamlessly integrate within your manufacturing environment. Durable tooling designed, built, installed and supported by experienced manufacturing engineers to help you achieve ambitious production goals.


From simple mechanical hoists to highly automated servo-driven load tools, Eckhart lift assists minimize ergonomic risk associated with operators lifting, turning, or twisting while transporting components to the point-of-assembly. Our team of experts have decades of experience overcoming space constraints in factories and product constraints in geometric math models, finding lightweight, intuitive and ergonomic solutions. All engineered to enhance the quality of life for operators.


Paccar Truck LA

Stryker Lift Assist

Seat Install Tool


Fasten parts accurately and minimize the operator’s exposure to torque reaction. Eckhart has designed and built thousands of secure tools and torque mitigating devices. From a simple reaction bar fixed to the end of a nut-runner to a controls-based system that secures multiple nuts and fasteners at once, Eckhart designed secure tools deliver high performance and eliminate variability from your process.


DC Single Spindle Secure Tool

Multi Spindle Tool Small

Multi Spindle Tool Small

Secure Tool

Secure Tool

Secure Tool Eckhart-6479

Torque Mitigating Devices


Eckhart designs and builds custom material carriers that contribute to the safe and efficient production of millions of vehicles, heavy equipment and home appliances every year. Our team brings decades of experience moving components and sub-assemblies with complex geometries through high-volume manufacturing operations to every manufacturing challenge.


Process quality directly impacts bottom-line results. Our engineering team designs error-proofing workstations and poka-yokes for the world’s most demanding manufacturing environments. Whether optimizing indirect-labor utilization, increasing first-pass-yield or driving parts per million goal attainment, our solutions provide quick payback and enhanced quality.

Build Fixtures & Gauges

  • Welding Fixtures
  • Manipulators
  • Rollovers
  • Go / No Go gauges
  • Functional gauges
  • Variable and Attribute gauges
  • And more
Trailing arm table

Trailing Arm Table

Cradle Sub assembly table

Cradle Sub Assembly Table

stab bar sub assembly table

Stab Bar Sub Assembly Table


Eckhart ergonomic fixtures ensure repeatable placement and consistent application of logos, labels, decals and emblems on finished product. Our team designs handheld, pneumatic and robotic controlled assembly aids to apply high visibility finishes without scratching or damaging Class-A surfaces. Our designs optimize weight for line-side operators via alternative metals and/or 3D printed additive manufacturing materials.

Learn more about 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing solutions at Eckhart.

Hand Apply Emblem Fixture 204

Hand Apply Emblem Fixture

Emblem Applicators & Build Fixtures

Emblem Applicators & Build Fixtures

IMG_3821_Spring Compression Tool

Custom Spring Compression Fixture


The patented IntelliLock™ Rotational Brake is a mechanical assembly that allows for the safe and smooth rotation of heavy parts. It facilitates comfortable operator access to all sides of large, cumbersome parts, and is commonly used on instrument panel carriers, console trunnions and a multitude of assembly fixtures for the residential and commercial HVAC industry. The IntelliLock™ Rotational Brake can also be paired with pneumatic and electrical controls for fully automated movements.

Intellilock Rotational Brake

Intellilock Rotational Brake

Cockpit Holding Fixture Intellilock Brake 182

Cockpit Holding Fixture With Intellilock Brake

Intellilock Work Brake DSC03964

Intellilock Work Brake

Intellilock Rotational Break Video
IntelliLock Rotational Brake


We design and build a full range of fixture styles including: hand apply, bench top, stand alone, manual trunnion, powered trunnion, pneumatic clamping, hydraulic clamping, robotic, quick changeover and automated changeover.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and controls engineering. Utilizing the latest in CAD software including CREO, SolidWorks and AutoCad, our engineers can fine tune your initial concepts or create fresh solutions to your manufacturing needs.


Specialty machines are designed and built complete with our in-house expertise. With all of the engineering resources under one roof, project challenges can be handled in hours rather than days.

Let our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, designers, programmers, and technical staff find solutions to your manufacturing challenges.

Specialty machine 1.1

Specialty machine 2.1

Specialty machine 3.1

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