3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing

Unprecedented freedom to improve and produce highly engineered, complex geometric parts.

Eckhart has the longest track record in the industry of designing, building and integrating the very product additive manufacturing was created to enhance. This technology gives us opportunities to optimize tool weight, enhance line-of-sight for operators, increase functionality without increasing cost and significantly reduce the engineered bill of material.

For this reason, we have made significant investments in additive based technology and partnered with the industry leader, Stratasys, to accelerate the adoption of 3D printing in North America. Our partnership provides customers with unmatched access to technical experts using 3D printing to revolutionize how industrial tooling solutions are designed, manufactured and integrated into end-use environments.


Let our expert 3D printing team help you improve and enhance your plant space, process or technology. Our team has lived and worked on manufacturing lines and understands what’s at stake when transitioning to a new technology. Eckhart will come into your factory and identify where and how 3D printing can advance your line. Our experts will guide you through the design and build, and then we help integrate your additive based solution.


Eckhart can take your existing design from the heavier subtractive process and optimize it for additive manufacturing. Once it’s production ready, Eckhart can print and ship your part within 24 hours of receiving an approved design file.


3D printing allows our creative team of designers and engineers to approach your design problem with complete design freedom. No longer are designers or engineers constrained by the limitations of traditional subtractive manufacturing methods like CNC machining a heavy block of steel, rather they can design, print and iterate at speeds unimaginable to prior generations.

Our additive manufacturing lab can handle any design suite from AutoCAD to NX to CATIA. With care and precision, we apply the latest advances in structural support print capability to take mass and build time out of every make-detail and tool we design and print.


Poly-based Materials for 3D Printing

  • Bio-Compatible
  • Digital & Digital ABS Materials
  • High-Temperature
  • Rigid Opaque
  • Rubber-Like
  • Simulator Polypropylene
  • Transparent

Complete Additive Technologies

  • Poly-Jet offers complex shapes with vast material combinations and finishes
  • Stereolithography is ideal for fast production of plastic design concepts
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) provides complete design freedom for highly complex concept or production ready designs
  • Laser Sintering offers a low or high volume solution for printing production parts
  • Direct Metal Laser Sintering reduces time in producing metal tools and production parts
  • Urethane Casting provides a fast solution for casting production parts

3D Printing


3D Printing


3D Printing


3D Printing


Imagine being able to design and print a prototype tool, in one day, for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Tool molds for most injection molding processes can be made using 3D printing technology.


We have established partnerships with key customers to explore highly engineered, disruptive applications of 3D printing. If you have a unique problem or opportunity challenge that is best solved with an additive partner, let us show you how our expertise can bring value to your application.

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