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Our turnkey manufacturing solutions have been enhancing the safety of operators, improving the reliability of production lines, and achieving the highest quality standards since 1958. Let us help you enhance the life of your line.

This is how we take your specific manufacturing needs from initial consultation, to expert development, to stress-free integration.

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    This is how we take your specific manufacturing needs from initial consultation, to expert development, to stress-free integration.

Medical Device

Robotic machine tending and deburring, clean room systems, conveyance, and specialty assembly cells

Ag & Construction

Heavyweight product carriers, AGV build lines, torque arms, lift assists, and weld fixtures

Food & CPG

Controls engineering, palletizing and labeling systems, quality inspection, conveyance, and thermal process controls

Electric Vehicles

AGV-based assembly lines, testing cells, lift assists, and chassis install systems


Throughput simulation, panel build, and on-site controls staffing


Precision fixtures, product carriers, quality control systems, and specialty assembly cells

Electrical Components

Coating automation, high-voltage testing and calibration, lights out production cells, and quality inspection

Semi Truck

Lift assists, torque tools, overhead rail systems, and chassis AGVs

Some of the lines we support

  • Benz
  • Cat_Logo
  • Ford_Logo
  • Whirlpool
  • Yoplait
  • Medtronic
  • Boeing
  • Pepsi
  • Cargill

On time. On budget. 100% up and running. This is how your life gets easier.


  • Conceptual DESIGN delivers real value
  • In-depth ANALYSIS overcomes "not possible"
  • Line SIMULATION validates proposed solutions


  • Expert INSTALLATION at your facility
  • Fully functional system HANDOFF
  • Comprehensive hands-on TRAINING
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This is how a partnership with Eckhart works for you. From initial concept to fully integrated solution, Eckhart is committed to helping you solve your most difficult problems. With six decades of experience across a myriad of industries, our team delivers dependable manufacturing solutions that improve safety, reliability and efficiency.