The Eckhart Mission

We are committed to engineering advanced industrial solutions that enhance the quality of life. We embrace science and technology that help our customers build and assemble better products safer and faster. We take the challenge of solving difficult problems head on, knowing our solutions directly impact the quality of life for those contributing to the value-generating process of manufacturing.

We are ready to design, build and implement solutions that improve the performance of your manufacturing line.  The Eckhart team consists of highly skilled designers and engineers, manufacturing teams, technical specialists (e.g., machine vision, robotics), and project managers with decades of industry experience.  

Global Customer Map

Global Customer Map


  • We take pride in the reliability of our team and the difficult problems we solve for customers.
  • We deliver real customer value that positively impacts the lives of those around us.
  • We are dependable. Relationships and trust matter.
  • Our ingenuity and desire to improve life will complement our suite of solutions.
  • We strive to demonstrate that our attention to detail does not start or end with the solutions we engineer and deliver.
  • We believe exceptional service is better demonstrated than said.