Eckhart Quarterly Newsletter - Summer 2016



Eckhart customers continue to look for ways to integrate advanced manufacturing solutions that offer unmatched drive accuracy, minimal maintenance, and increased productivity in their factories.  Linear motors are rapidly emerging as the preferred drive system for our customers' most challenging assembly tasks.  In this blog post, we review the technology and discuss applications.

FlexCheck, a collaborative robot vision inspection system, gains significant traction in the automotive, home appliance, and furniture industries.  See the FlexCheck website for common manufacturing defects that we identify and sample applications.  



Modular multi-operator workstations enable manufacturing companies to rapidly balance production processes in environments with volatile demand and ever changing production volumes.  Optimizing direct labor and achieving high utilization rates can be achieved due to the flexibility Eckhart workstations provide.  Learn more about our multi-operator workstations and quality process control solutions here.



Joe Fitzpatrick is Eckhart's Lead Controls Engineer and has been designing, programming, and integrating advanced controls-based systems for the largest industrial companies in the world for over 15 years.  When customers call with urgent requests, Joe's responsiveness, dependability, and vast knowledge of customer specifications is what sets him apart.  Joe could eat pizza every day for lunch and enjoys hiking with his wife.  Companies like John Deere, GM, CAT, and Ford trust Joe and his team with their most critical manufacturing challenges.

Eckhart is a proud sponsor of the Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic School Laker Robotics Club.  Congratulations to the team on a great 2016 competition season!