Eckhart’s collaborative robot applications improve quality, reduce operator involvement, & reduce process time on production lines for companies throughout the world


FlexCheck combines a collaborative robot & machine vision to conduct a custom quality inspection anywhere on an existing production line.   FlexCheck is a significantly better and cheaper option than traditional fixed camera systems.

FlexCheck is Eckhart's most popular collaborative application with a presence in automotive and home appliance plants throughout the country.

Label & Adhesive Applicators

When coupled with an experienced application designer and integrator, collaborative robots are an effective and high ROI method to automate simple tasks like the application of product labels.  

Customers have achieved payback periods in as little as 3 months while simultaneously increasing quality and eliminating operations with a history of repetitive injuries.   


Eckhart specializes in the development of customer end-effectors to address a wide variety of quality and production issues.   A precision metal detector on the end of a collaborative robot allowed one customer to quickly and accurately detect broken injector pins in a high-volume plastic mold operation.  

We'd love to learn more about your production process, objectives, and consult with you on the role of collaborative robotics.

New to collaborative robotics? Here's our take...

  • We believe that selectively and intelligently incorporating collaborative robots into the manufacturing environment is a significant opportunity for today's manufacturing leaders. 
  • Collaborative robots aren't appropriate for the majority of the work on your line.  We believe that design experience and integration are critical for delivering low-risk, high-reward turnkey systems. 
  • Eckhart is adept at working with customer's safety groups to develop policies and standards that are compliant with RIA, OSHA, and ANSI guidelines.


On time. In budget.  100% working as expected.  This is how Eckhart integrates a collaborative robot application into your line.  We develop the application at our HQ by simulating your line with sample product and completing all robot, end-effector, and PLC programming.  We excel at high-mix and high-volume operations.  We're proficient in every major camera, robot, and PLC brand and understand corporate safety and controls standards. 

Our strength as a company relates to on-site installation.   Eckhart's work is turnkey and we hand off a low maintenance system and train staff to add new products, inspection points, or change system behavior.    Eckhart has been working with the biggest companies in the world for over 40 years to improve production lines.

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